Symptoms of Anxiety

Anxiety is a term which is used for several disorders such as worrying & nervousness. Basically it is noticed by the emotion of a person that how is he/she is behaving and replying you back for your question. It creates uneasiness for the mind & make it your enemy.Through anxiety various people get numb as well as paralysed because they worry too much or they doesn’t get the results in what they do.There are some physical symptoms as well such as shortness of breath, headache, chest pain etc.Anxiety can be appropriate, but when experienced regularly the individual may suffer from an anxiety disorder.

Here are some of the secrets or characteristics through which you may get to know about anxiety :-

Its Numb

When the person is deprived of responsiveness due to nervousness , as the person is not able to speak anything properly and confidently.


It feels as if the weight of the world is on your shoulder, You feel Stifle

It states that all the burden is carried by you on your shoulders with everyones responsibility and problems , which makes you suffocated from everywhere thus telling you that there is no space to breathe and making you overburdened with those things, which are actually not yours.


Even though we look good on outside but our anxiety is causing destruction inside

Anxiety is like disease which is not seen on the outer side but from inside its swallowing your whole body and finishing the body without letting you know about it making your inner side more weak.


Worrying can never be stopped

Worrying makes the mind very slow mixing many things one together creating a web of potential problems in your brain. Worrying also creates disease called Generalized anxiety disorder(GAD)


Its totally possible to have social anxiety and be raging mingler

If you would not get socialise with people you will have more hypertensions as well as anxiety disorder because you would not be having any person with you to share your feelings, thought & emotions which actually makes you feel less burdened.


Saying “you will be fine” doesn’t help

You will not get fine till the time you will not be working for yourself that means one should practice everything to reduce the anxiety disorder. Saying “you will be fine” states that while working on yourself can lead to betterment anxietyness


Just because I can’t ¬†explain the feelings causing my anxiety doesn’t make them less important

If the person is not able to disclose his feelings & emotions of anxietyness that doesn’t mean is alright , he might be going under some disorders of anxiety which is causing destruction from inside.


I dont always know , why I am anxious

Thinking too much i.e Overthinking can lead to anxious which directly or indirectly destroy the body without letting someone know about it .


All the logic in the world , won’t keep my heart from hammering on chest

It states all logical things cannot remove your anxious feeling from your brain . Thus making a strong feeling of hammering on chest from the heart.


I need you beside me as my mind is awn enemy , sometimes I also need you to fight along me

It states that you need your closed ones to be around or on your side so that you can feel better and can also express your actual feeling and make them understand what exactly are you going through.

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